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New:Click & Go
gas spring "Click & Go"

Only one push on the release button...
The new click & go gas spring is a very comfortable alternative for all applications where the lockable gas spring shall always be pushed out completely after the release process.
Due to the new click & go gas spring, this is possible with a single short push on the button. A permanent releaseover the whole stroke of the gas spring isn't necessary anymore. After a single release, the gas spring remains in released condition.
New:Gas spring 3/8
The new ultra small gas spring with only 3/8 mm!

A piston rod diameter of 3 mm and a cylinder diameter of 8 mm allow a very low weight of the new 3/8 series. Its small size is ideal for applications with limited space.
The tested and proven Bansbach sealing package, guarantees low friction also in the 3/8 series. Extension forces starting at 7N can be achieved.
The CeramPro® surface of the piston rod offers maximal corrosion resistance. This special treatment gives the surface an extremely fine and durable finish with excellent movement.
Let the many connector variations convince you which are offered with this "MINI SERIES". The extensive Easylift system can satisfy almost any mounting requirement.
New: Easymotion
easymotion - the new hydraulic linear

actuation of Bansbach easylift
Function of easymotion
An alternative to the linear adjustment with Bansbach gas springs is our linear hydraulic
Video show: Easymotion
actuation system which controls multiple adjustment cylinders synchronously. This is achieved by simultaneously controlling each cylinder. If light or heavy, the easymotion can be fitted on any application and can be customised to fit your individual needs - even if on multiple legs. Numerous Bansbach gas spring components are used in the production of the easymotion, which guarantees our well known high quality.
easymotion components
The easymotion system consists of a hydraulic pump, adjustment cylinders and the tubes for connecting each component. The system can be operated using an electric motor or manual crank.
New: easytouch by wire
easytouch by wire ¨C the new bowden wire release system for lockable gas springs ˇ­fascinates particularly with the design button. Back rests, beds, tables or any application can be adjusted comfortably at the push of a button. Even gas springs up to 600 N can be released easily with little effort.
The variable 'click assembly' with adjustable height, guarantees simple mounting almost anywhere. The push button is quickly and easily secured and mounted without the use of any screws.
Furthermore there are the variants of releasing two lockable gas springs simultaneously by using the 'Splitter' 20SP1.
  • bowden wire release system
  • less effort (comfortable release of gas springs up to 600N)
  • quick click assembly
  • variable installation height
  • only for short release
  • releasing two gas springs by using the 'Splitter'